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1635 Hendry Street • Fort Myers FL 33901 

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Monday: 8:00a - 5:00p

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After 10+ years in their respective industries, husband and wife duo Patrick & Sarah Wilke, have teamed up to combine powers and form Carbon Press. As a full service print and design company - we enjoy a good challenge, an even better cup of coffee and any opportunity to do what we love.


Our Mission IS SIMPLE:

To provide quality work and great service.

To collaborate with and support fellow businesses.

To positively impact and influence our community. 


Why the name, Carbon Press & the tree rings?

Carbon is a naturally abundant and versatile element found in all known forms of life. In essence - It’s a part of everything we are, and everything we do.

The rings are a signature attribute of measuring carbon, each cross-section representing the life of that tree. With every notch, ring, bend and impression there is a notable time of growth and change, in which the tree was shaped to the elements around it. 

Our desire as a company is to encompass that same versatility as we grow and support our clients needs. 

Like our logo?

We're truly honored to have the opportunity for a piece of Erik Linton's art to represent the heart of Carbon Press. The pressing of the woodcut tree rings is taken from a naturally downed 100+ year old pine from the Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. Erik's mission as an artist has been to find the simplicity often overlooked in the natural world. Publishing "stories" written in wood. We adore Erik's work and highly recommend discovering one of his "stories" as your own!


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